We are Workday specialists.

Helping you profit from Workday, by thriving on Workday.

Workday solutions

Helping HR Leaders optimise their teams, processes, and technology with solutions based on our 3A blueprint.

Amplify Accelerator ™

Specialist Workday support, processes, and optimisation.

Augment Accelerator ™

Specialist delivery of new Workday features.

Analytics Accelerator ™

Specialist Workday data analytics.


Workday 360 analysis

All engagements are based on our 7-step Workday 360 methodology. With a 360 view of your Workday ecosystem, we’ll optimise for ROI, compliance, and business performance.

Workday health check

We’ll run our unique suite of Workday health checks on your tenant which covers 7 critical areas. We’ll present you with the outcomes and recommend your actions for remediation and ROI.

HR Process review

An end to end assessment of your HR operation and delivery of HR best practice. We aim to identify ways to optimise your HR processes with simplification, standardisation, and governance at the core of all activities.

HR Strategy

We’ll work alongside you and advise on HR strategy, digital transformation, and thought leadership. Based on 30+ years of running HR departments and delivering HR platforms that thrive.

Are you thriving on Workday?

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Workday upgrades.

How much are you leaving on the table?

The Workday bi-annual release comes around ever faster! It can be hard keeping up, but it’s vital that you do.

By not evaluating and then cherry-picking the amazing new features Workday has to offer, means leaving business benefit and ROI on the table. If this then continues, the gap between what you use and what Workday offers gets wider and catching up harder.

Speak to us and we’ll guide you through the new features on offer. It won’t cost you anything but could pay huge dividends. Schedule a chat.

2022 R1 | Saturday, 12th March