About LightWork

LightWork Global is a boutique consultancy serving companies on the Workday platform.  Through our unique 3A’s blueprint we help companies thrive on Workday, creating outcomes that energise their people, culture and business performance.

Our premium solution is focussed on the ultimate prize, a Workday revolution you and your business profits from. Our data analytics consultants have developed Reports, Dashboards, Trends and Benchmarks giving incredible business insights for our clients.

Our Values

  • Challenge ourselves, step outside our comfort zones, and be bold.
  • Seek innovation by being curious, thinking creatively, and doing with purpose.
  • Grow and develop with vigour, and flourish with a relentless focus on outcomes.
  • Bring our unique personality, passion, and enthusiasm to everything we do.
  • Strive for remarkable energy, liveliness, and force of personality.
  • Lean in with strength, energy, and dynamism; Bring the va-va-voom!
  • Keep work in context, seek balance with our friends, family and well-being. 
  • Wake up everyday feeling excited that we can make a positive difference.
  • Compassion, we go out of our way to help others and ourselves with concern and sensitivity.
  • Equanimity, calmness and composure, especially in difficult situations.
  • Take pleasure from delighting in other people’s well-being, prosperity, and success, Muditā.
  • Being brave and daring, willing to be vulnerable with those with whom we disagree.

Our Personality

Meet the Team

Our team have years of experience in Workday and project delivery giving you the confidence to move forward with your Workday implementation knowing that LightWork Global are by your side.

Stephen Slevin

Co-Founder and CEO

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Sharon Jackson

Director of Delivery Services

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Kerrin Walder

Workday PMO & Support Analyst

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Shreeja Puli

Business Development Manager

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Robert Sesink-Clee

LW Practitioner Lead (US)

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Alison Jeanes

Office Manager

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