The LightWork 3A Blueprint

The 3A Blueprint for Workday is the success catalyst for your people, culture and business.

As the benefits of the 3A Blueprint really start to shine, Workday comes into its own, by driving digital transformation, creating competitive advantage and energising business performance.

Amplify Accelerator ™

Specialist Workday support, processes and optimisation.

The bedrock of a supercharged and thriving Workday ecosystem.

Quick start fundamentals and ongoing fine-tuning for performance.

Augment Accelerator ™

Specialist delivery of new Workday features.

Elegant, efficient, and low disruption delivery.

Accelerated delivery, supreme business outcomes.

Examples include Learning, Recruitment and Advanced Compensation.

Analytics Accelerator ™

Specialist Workday data analytics.

Incredible 360 insights from your business data.

The visibility and ability to adapt and react more intelligently, confidently and faster than any of your competitors.

Unleash your mountain of business data value.

Discover our magical solutions.

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